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7 Important Senior Doctor Appointments You Or Loved One Never Have To Miss Again!

#1. Routine Checkups

This is one of the most commonly missed types of doctor appointments. A routine checkup doesn’t always seem so pressing, but it can help identify issues before they have a chance to balloon into something more serious. A routine checkup includes measuring your weight, vital signs, heart, lungs, and so forth. All of the interconnected parts that keep your body going strong. Other important tests included in routine checkups:

Blood Pressure Test

Blood pressure tests reveal if you are at risk for heart disease or stroke. According to The American Heart Association, you should have your blood pressure checked at least 2 times every year. If your blood pressure is high, you may require more frequent tests.

Cholesterol Test

Cholesterol is the amount of fat in your blood. If you have high cholesterol you are at an increased risk for stroke and heart disease.  The American Heart Association advises cholesterol screenings once every 4-6 years. If you have a heart or blood vessel disease, you’ll need more frequent cholesterol check ups. 

Skin Exam

As we age, all the wear and tear skin endures starts to show through the surface. Skin cancers, odd shaped moles, abnormal bruising, these are all things that can be detected and addressed during your physical exam. The best way to prevent a skin condition from impacting your overall health is to address it as quickly as possible. The only way to do that is to make it to all of your doctor appointments on time.

#2. Physical Therapy Sessions

Physical therapy involves ongoing sessions catered to restoring physical movement. The only way for physical therapy to reach its full potential is to follow the recommended guidelines, which includes showing up to all of your scheduled appointments.

Physical therapy sessions may occur once a week, several times a week, or bi-weekly.  If you are going again in a couple of days, it might seem like a reasonable idea to miss, but missing appointments here and there deters the healing process.

#3. Follow Up Exams

Doctors schedule follow up exams for a wide variety of reasons, including post-operation or after a serious illness. There’s a reason follow up exams are scheduled in the first place, they help prevent any additional issues from getting out of hand.

#4. Eye Exams

In order to get a new pair of eyeglasses or contact lenses, you’ll need to have a prescription written within the last year. If you do not wear corrective eyewear, it’s easier to avoid visiting the doctor for your annual eye exam.

Be warned, there are a number of potential eye diseases that can impair your vision or cause complete vision loss unless they are detected and treated early on. For instance, macular degeneration is age-related and slow to progress, but if caught early on there are a variety of treatment methods. The same can be said for glaucoma, the leading cause of vision loss in the US.

#5. The Dentist

Healthy teeth should be cleaned and inspected once every 6-months. Cavities that are left unchecked can create painful dental issues with the potential to impact your overall health, leading to things like heart disease. The average person with a healthy mouth should get dental X-Rays once every 18 to 36 months. If you are prone to cavities or other dental issues, you should undergo dental X-Rays once a year.

#6. Vaccinations

Vaccinations, namely the flu vaccine, could save your life. The flu virus causes 36,000 deaths and 200,000 hospitalizations every year in the US. Senior patients are at a greater risk than other group, hence why it’s so important to get the vaccine at your scheduled appointment.

#7. Dialysis Treatments

You don’t want to miss a dialysis appointment, or else you risk your life and overall health. Missing appointments, even occasionally, leads to heightened levels of toxins in your body, putting you at risk for cardiovascular disease and even death.

Never Miss Another Appointment Again

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