6 Ways We Personalize Transportation Services for Seniors

//6 Ways We Personalize Transportation Services for Seniors

6 Ways We Personalize Transportation Services for Seniors

Melbourne medical transportation services for seniors shouldn’t be the same for every patient. We firmly believe quality transportation involves personalizing the experience to each patient and their needs. As a family owned and operated business, we treat each patient like a part of our extended family. All drivers undergo senior sensitivity training to provide a positive experience that leaves seniors feeling good. Not to mention, drivers are certified in defensive driving, CPR, and first-aid to protect senior safety out on the road as best as possible.

How We Personalize Our Transportation Services for Seniors

Read on to learn six ways we personalize senior transportation services for the best experience possible.

1. Door-through-Door Transportation 

We offer the option for door-through-door transportation, a service that involves going into a patient’s place of residence and helping them get out of the home and into the vehicle. This differs from traditional curbside pick-up, which requires the patient get out of their home and to the curb without assistance.

2. Every Patient is Unique, We Accommodate Patients of All Mobility

We understand that each patient has unique health and mobility concerns that must be taken into consideration. That’s why we specialize in transporting wheelchair and stretcher patients, as well as patients who use any number of walking aids—like a cane or a walker. Our state-of-the-art equipment and 2013 or newer vehicles grant us the proper set up to keep each person we transport as comfortable and safe as possible.

3. You Name the Place, Near or Far, and We Take You There

From local trips to the doctor to long distance medical transportation, we are there to support your journey every mile along the way. We offer long distance non-emergency medical transportation for trips that total 150 miles or more.

Some transportation services for seniors run on pre-set schedules that take you where you need to go when it fits along their route. That’s not how we operate. We are here to take you where you need to go, even if that means driving clear across the US, or from Jacksonville to Tampa, FL.

4. We Can Drop You Off or Wait Around

Request our drivers to drop you off and return at a scheduled time, or instead, you could opt to have your driver remain on-site and waiting to take you home the moment it’s desired. This can be helpful if you’re unsure what time an appointment or event will end and don’t want to risk waiting around.

5. Drivers are Monitored on a Regular Basis

We trust our employees full-heartedly—after all, we operate like one big family. Still, we always put patients first, which means we take driver monitoring seriously. Because we equip each vehicle with driver-monitoring systems that track speed, braking, acceleration, and more, we can say with confidence that our risk management drivers practice proper protocols and safety. Our vehicle monitoring systems are randomly checked three times each week.

We don’t just monitor drivers. All our vehicles are monitored on a regular basis as well. Each week, vehicles are deep cleaned and inspected for safety.

6. We Take the Time to Get to Know You

We want to know more than just your intended destination, we want to know who you are as a person. Tell us your favorite music and we’ll try and accommodate musical requests for the ride. Prefer to chit-chat about grandchildren or current drama at the senior center? We’re here to listen. After all, we aren’t just highly trained drivers, we are your friend in the medical transportation industry.

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