6 Inspirational Tips for Living a Happier & Healthier Life at Any Age

//6 Inspirational Tips for Living a Happier & Healthier Life at Any Age

6 Inspirational Tips for Living a Happier & Healthier Life at Any Age

No matter if you’re 16 or 60, here some inspirational tips for living a healthier and happier life. From exercising more to enjoying the little things in life—like coloring a picture, or watching funny animal videos, there are many things you can do to increase your day-to-day happiness. Mental and physical health are deeply interconnected, hence why letting go of stress or losing weight through working out offers both mental and physical benefits.

Here are six things anyone and everyone can do to live a healthier and happier life.

1. Exercise More

Study after study shows that exercise improves physical and mental health. When you exercise your brain releases endorphins—or feel good chemicals—throughout the body. This gives a positive boost to your thoughts and lowers depression rates. Other proven benefits of exercise include weight loss, stress reduction, decreased anxiety and depression, higher self-confidence and improvements in sleep quality.

No need to become a gym rat to enjoy the benefits. Simply incorporate exercise into your daily routines. Find a neighbor or friend to go on walks with, try at-home work out videos, or enroll in swim classes. There are so many ways to have fun while getting a good workout.

2. Practice Positive Affirmations

You know that voice inside of your head? The one that tells you you’re not good enough, fast enough, young enough? It’s time to change that tune in your noggin to something more positive. Positive affirmations can change your life for the better by simply reprograming the ways you think.

According to Buddha, “what you think, you become.” So, what do you want to become? Let go of unrealistic expectations and beliefs that do not serve you in any way other than to stress you out. Remind yourself on a regular basis that you are enough; that you are wonderful, kind, capable, and powerful enough to accomplish anything. 

3. Awaken Your Inner Child

The childlike bliss you knew once upon a time is still within you—let it free! Being a grown up doesn’t mean you must be serious all the time. Watch some cat videos on YouTube or exercise your creativity by coloring some pictures. Think back to when you were a kid—what type of art projects or activities did you enjoy most? Why not recreate them today!

4. Keep a Gratitude Journal

Taking the time to think about all the things you are thankful for can make a huge difference regarding your overall wellbeing and happiness. It’s easy to get stressed out thinking about all your responsibilities, obligations, and issues—and these are the things most people tend to focus on. Instead, take the time each day to focus on the good and remind yourself what a blessed life you live.

5. Listen to Your Body

If your body is craving a lazy day filled with nothing more than sleep, TV, and good food—listen! Sometimes, our bodies need a break from the day to day chaos. By giving yourself the break you deserve, you can come back the following day with more zest to get stuff done.

Feeling ultra-tired? It might be because you’re not getting enough sleep. Keep in mind, your body and mind need as much as eight hours of sleep each night to fully recharge and recover. If you’re not getting enough sleep it can mess up all other facets in your life—from health to mental stability.

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