6 Benefits of Private Transportation for Seniors

//6 Benefits of Private Transportation for Seniors

6 Benefits of Private Transportation for Seniors

Private non-emergency medical transportation for seniors offers a plethora of benefits, including punctuality, safety, and comfort. Types of personal transportation vary and include volunteer driver programs, para-transit services, and door-through-door services, as well as non-emergency medical transportation. In this article, we refer to private transportation as any service that is distinctly catered to seniors and focused on one passenger at a time—as opposed to a bus-load of people. Thus, excluding public transportation like buses, as well as Ubers and taxi cabs. 

6 Benefits of Private Transportation for Senior Citizens

Discover the benefits of hiring a private transportation company to ensure your loved one gets the best care possible.

#1. Help to Prevent Accidents on the Road

Many times, seniors continue to drive even when it is unsafe to do so because they don’t think they have another option. By enlisting a private transportation company for seniors, you can ensure your loved one doesn’t drive when it isn’t safe to do so.

Some important facts to remember when deciding if it’s safe for a senior to drive include:

  • It takes 10 times as much light to impact a 19-year-old driver the same way it impacts a 60-year-old driver.
  • It takes a 55-year-old up to eight times the amount of time to recover from glare than a 16-year-old.
  • Older drivers tend to take twice as long to respond to flashing brake lights compared to younger drivers. All of these facts are important considering 85% of the information we need to drive safely comes directly from our line of vision.

#2. The Right Equipment Matters 

Non-emergency medical transportation services specialize in wheelchair patients and the disabled. Therefore, they have the right equipment to safely transport individuals from one place to another. Not only keeping them safe, but comfortable as well.

#3. Door-Through-Door Service

A standard public transportation service does not offer door-through-door transportation as part of their services. Therefore, seniors who need assistance getting out of the home will not be able to receive the level of care necessary. On the other hand, as a leading non-emergency medical transportation service, we offer door-through-door service, helping seniors get out of their home and into their desired location.

#4. Enjoy Discounts for Frequent Trips

Seek out a transportation company that offers discounts to frequent riders. This will help you save money while enjoying safer transportation. 

#5. Get to Appointments on Time

A private transportation company prides itself on getting its patients to their scheduled appointments on time. Taking a taxi cab or public transportation limits one’s ability to make it to scheduled appointments in a timely manner.

#6. Help Reduce the Risk of Isolation

Isolation leads to depression—both of which are prevalent issues in senior communities. For one, a large percentage of seniors live alone. A trusted transportation company can take seniors wherever they need to go, not just to doctor appointments, but group gatherings, functions, and other events. Therefore, reducing the risk of isolation by getting them out of the house and interacting with other people. It’s important for seniors to get out at least several times each week to maintain feelings of wellbeing and community involvement.

The Stellar Way to Travel

We specialize in senior transportation. Our drivers are trained in senior sensitivity, and we have the equipment necessary to transport patients in wheelchairs or stretchers. Comfort, safety, and punctuality are all incredibly important, but so too are the friendships we develop with our clients. Experience the Stellar difference, contact us today with questions or to get a quote.

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