There are many adult day care centers in Melbourne, FL that offer a safe and supportive environment for older adults who require assistance with day-to-day living, while still maintaining a semi-independent lifestyle.

6 Documented Benefits of Spending Time at an Adult Day Care Center

There are many benefits to adult care centers, such as:

Improve overall quality of life by offering social and health-related services

Sitting at home in the same environment, surrounded by the same people, or no one at all, is no way to spend your days. This leads to depression, health problems, and a loss of zest for life. Adult day care centers can brighten one’s life by offering a place to socialize, receive much-needed assistance, and gain a new purpose.

Many adult day care centers partner with childcare services so that two generations have a chance to come together and hang out with one another, brightening one another’s days.

Grants access to nutritious meals and snacks

When your loved one is at home all day, it’s difficult to know if they are eating the proper foods, or even eating at all. Under the careful supervision of an adult day care center, attendees are fed meals around the clock that are healthy and nutritious. Plus, most can accommodate special dietary restrictions or requirements if you speak with them ahead of time.

Keeps adults mentally stimulated

There are a variety of activities offered at each adult day care center, from daily outings to arts and crafts projects, and exercise classes. Each day is filled with activity to keep seniors busy and mentally engaged.

Helps relieve stress on family members who cannot be with their loved one all day

If you and your family must go off to school and work each day, it’s nice to know that your loved one is still being cared for. This helps reduce stress on everyone and can foster a more positive relationship sans resentment.

Provides physical exercise to help improve and maintain stability, endurance, and mobility

Adult day care centers often offer exercise classes, such as swimming classes or chair aerobics. No matter what the activity may be, it is intended to help improve a senior’s mental and physical wellbeing.

Usually more affordable than in-home care

An in-home caregiver is paid by the hour and costs can quickly tally up. Plus, one caregiver can’t provide nearly as much stimulation as a large group of people at an adult day care center that is outfitted with tons of activities and things to do.

Adult day care centers are ideal for seniors who:

  • Spend the majority of the day alone
  • Experience feelings of loneliness and crave companionship and activity
  • Are in the earliest stages of dementia
  • Are at risk of danger or injury if left home alone all day
  • Have some cognitive or physical challenges but do not require around-the-clock supervision

4 Adult Day Care Centers in (or near) Melbourne

We’ve created a list of some available options, along with a description of what each one has to offer.

The Club Adult Day Care


A team of social workers, registered nurses, activity directors and certified nursing assistants operate this highly-rated program.

Senior Adventure In Learning


This non-profit, interfaith organization was developed for seniors 50 and over. It is operated through local churches and synagogues who provide fun learning opportunities at several different campuses.

Senior Care of Brevard


This facility specializes in Alzheimer’s day care and operates with the goal of improving quality of life for all clients.

Rivers Edge Adult Day Care


Rivers Edge specializes in working with adults with developmental disabilities. They work with each member of their community to develop skills that’ll help them get a job or achieve whatever goals they may have.

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