4 Ways Transportation For Seniors Can Improve Outlook On Life

//4 Ways Transportation For Seniors Can Improve Outlook On Life

4 Ways Transportation For Seniors Can Improve Outlook On Life

Transportation for seniors can help improve mental and physical wellbeing in several ways by offering peace of mind, companionship, and a decreased risk of isolation.

Did you know that seniors who are unable to drive are at a higher risk of isolation, depression, and health issues? As Melbourne, FL’s go-to non-emergency medical transportation provider, we are proud to report on the benefits of reliable rides for seniors. In fact, transportation services can actively benefit overall outlook on life. A better outlook on life translates to greater mental wellbeing, which is crucial to living a long, healthy, and happy life.

The Importance of Mental Wellbeing for Seniors                      

Mental health and wellbeing is everything to a happy life. Yet, at least 15% of the population age 60 and over suffers from some type of mental health disorder. The most common mental health problems for seniors include depression, anxiety disorders, dementia, delirium, bipolar disorder, late-onset psychosis, PTSD, and addiction disorders.

Loss of license—which can lead to loneliness and isolation—is listed among the most common risk factors associated with developing one or more of these conditions.  Making sure seniors have a reliable ride when needed can help improve mental wellbeing, here’s how.

#1. Someone is There When Needed

Establishing a reliable ride for seniors gives them the reassurance that someone is there for them whenever they need it—and that’s a good feeling. It’s not uncommon for seniors who can no longer drive to stress about how they’ll get groceries or make it to an important doctor appointment. Having a number to call and schedule a ride can help reduce stress and anxiety, leading to an overall happier existence. It’s the little things!

#2. Miss Fewer Appointments

Reliable transportation for seniors helps ensure seniors make it to all doctor appointments, and as a result, enjoy greater health and peace of mind.

Missing more than one doctor appointment, physical therapy session, or important treatment such as dialysis, can create health issues or set you back in terms of progress. According to a 2006 study, as many as 3.6 million adults miss or postpone doctor appointments due to a lack of transportation. Senior citizens remain the most disproportionally disadvantaged group regarding lack of transportation.

Doctors can charge you for missed appointments and your insurance may not pick up the tab. Some offices may revoke your first fee for a missed appointment, but more than likely, you’ll need to call and chat with the billing department to find out. Not only does it cost pointless money to miss appointments, but it’s not good for your health or wellbeing either.

What if it’s not just a driving problem, but a memory issue? With dementia impacting 14% of all senior citizens over the age of 71, it’s common for seniors to miss an appointment simply because they forgot. Even without dementia, it’s easy to forget an appointment. It’s much easier to make appointments when you have a reliable senior transportation provider to remind you and get you there on time.

#3. Companionship is Important

The best non-emergency medical transportation services are not only convenient, affordable, and reliable, but they are friendly too. Our drivers strive to make a connection with patients, offering to play their favorite music on the radio, or simply conversing about life and family. Our friendly and compassionate drivers—all of which are certified in senior sensitivity training—offer more than just a ride, they offer friendship as well. 

#4. The Freedom to Stay Social 

Seniors are at a huge risk of isolation, especially after they stop driving. Without a ride, seniors may stop attending dinners or other functions with family and friends. As a result, this can lead to loneliness and depression. 

Our non-emergency medical transportation services offer more than just a ride to the doctor or other medical related appointments. Your friends at Stellar Transportation are here to take you anywhere you need to go, from family dinners to a social gathering with friends.

The ability to still attend social events helps reduce the risk of senior isolation and depression. This is so important considering researchers have found seniors who spend more time socializing with friends and family live longer.

For local and long distance transportation for seniors, you can count on us to go the extra mile every time! Get a quote today.

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